Network down?  We have the solution.

Our networks can be set up by anyone, and can decrease network downtimes after a disaster from a matter of years to just a few days

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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters tear apart cell networks and leave survivors completely cut off from the Internet.  As a result, survivors can't contact first responders in the area, access essential aid information and resources, or check in on their loved ones.  Worst of all, these outages usually last for months if not years, and the main solutions at the moment are cell towers on trucks (COWs) and fixing broken towers one by one

Our Solution

The most versatile and scalable 4G LTE network ever made

We use off the grid, briefcase sized cell towers to blanket an area with an emergency network accessible to all phones.  The towers create a local mesh network to allow them to share satellite or ethernet backhaul, and broadcast on the unlicensed spectrum to allow us to set up a network without waiting for regulatory approval