Beamlink One Graphic

Introducing the Beamlink Network

The most versatile and scalable 4G LTE network ever made

Versatile Features

Easy to Set Up

Each tower starts with the push of a button, and can be securely added to the network in one step


Software Defined Radio allows each device to broadcast on any licensed or unlicensed frequency


When a tower is added to the network, it autoconfigures its settings with minimal user input

Works Off the Grid

Each tower can operate anywhere with only a small battery and solar panel

Everything Proof

Unlike a normal cell tower, our towers can withstand shock, water, dust, and stupidity


Each device weighs just 8 lbs so you can easily fit 15 in a large backpack


One Network, Multiple Applications

We designed the Beamlink Network to be as scalable and versatile as possible.  As a result, our network is the perfect connectivity solution for a few different situations

Emergency Networks

We created our network for disaster survivors and our primary mission will always be connecting them with their loved ones and first responders. Our network is the simplest and most affordable solution for connecting the masses after a disaster

First Responder Comms

Satellite phones just don't cut it for First Responders servicing a disaster zone. Our network provides the connectivity needed to help first responders with every aspect of their work, from locating survivors to accessing patient health records

Rural Networks

Due to the small size of many rural communities, there is no easy way to cover them with traditional cell infrastructure. We can set up smaller, low cost networks making it profitable to provide low cost cell coverage to those who need it

Military Bases

Because our network is designed to operate off the grid, can dynamically repair itself, and can be completely unconnected from the Internet if needed, it serves as an ideal Contingency or Emergency Network under most PACE Plans

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